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Monday, August 2, 2010

Clover Honey, Ferme Léonard, Richmond, Quebec

We don't live too far from Québec and visit regularly to see family. As a result I have a lot of local Québec honey, mostly picked up in supermarkets (Provigo, IGA) in Montréal. This honey, though, is a an exception in that it was bought near where it was produced. It is a honey from Richmond, Québec, in the heart of the Eastern Townships close to where my in-laws have a cottage on Lake Memphremagog.

According to Wikipedia (my knowledgeable source on all things eclectic), Richmond is one of the earliest settlements in the Eastern Townships (1798). In the 1800s Richmond (named after Charles Lennox the 4th Duke of Richmond and Lennox, and Governor General of Upper Canada (1818-1819)) had a bit of a boon related to expansion of the railroads; it was an important railway junction between Montreal and Portland, Maine. However, as the railroads declined, so did Richmond. Today it has a population of about 3,000, and among them are apiculturists who produce honey at Ferme Léonard.

This clover honey (miel de trèfle) is a non-pasteurized (natural) honey. As you may know, pasteurized honey is high-heated to kill pathogens, whereas non-pasteurized honey is not. Some claim that taste is negatively affected by pasteurization and that it also reduces the medicinal benefits of honey. I don't have an opinion either way.

Ferme Léonard's honey is a very light, clear yellow honey. At room temperature some of it crystalizes in little round balls that make larger clumps. These are crunchy, granular and very sweet. The liquid honey is delicate and runny. It has a clear taste of honey with no other flavor, and a sweeter final taste.

This is a good, multipurpose, table honey. Good in tea and in baking (and maybe plain yogurt). It won't change the taste of anything much but will give a good honey sweetness. It probably isn't that interesting on bread, though.

If you are near Richmond, Québec you might like to drop by and visit Ferme Léonard. It is at 402 chemin Vallée, Richmond, Québec.

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