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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jahan Natural Honey, Iran

The Jahan Natural honey that I have was a gift from my mother-in-law who lives in Montreal. It is imported to Montreal by Jahan, and apart from the label stating that it is natural honey and a product of Iran, I have no other information about it. A quick google search to see if I could find out more came up empty. So, I don't know what the flower source is, the precise region, or anything else.

Iran is a pretty big country (relative to most European countries)- a little larger than Alaska- and has a very diverse geography and climate, ranging from rain forests in the north, deserts in the east, mountains in the west, and seas to the south. Climate ranges from subtropical to arid; You can't get more of a range than that! So it is hard to narrow down where honey is produced; It could be everywhere with quite different types of honey from each region.

I'm an oil brat and spent my middle school years in Ahwaz, so I'm vaguely familiar with the western, desert part of the country, but didn't travel much at that age. I was surprised by how different the regions of Iran are when it comes to climate and terrain.

It goes without saying that Iran has an incredible history and culture, with some cities dating back to 7000 BC. There was no information, however, on Wikipedia (my trusted source) about honey regions, honey sources or, actually, anything at all about honey. The closest I got was finding a list of honey exporters when I did a google search. In summary, then, I know that Iran produces honey (at that is about all).

The Jahan honey is a deep amber color- almost burnt orange. It is thick with no crystals (a toothpick with stand upright in it). Great, smooth texture with weight. Perfect for drizzling over plain yoghurt (and if I remember rightly, yoghurt honey is an Iranian treat). It has a robust sweet honey taste; A deep nutty taste in the beginning, followed by a smooth honey taste, and a lingering final taste that is a little floral. This honey would be perfect on hot, buttered toast, or in tea.

If you know anything about Iranian honey, I'd like to hear from you! In the meantime, you can pick up some Jahan Natural Honey in (all places) Montreal, Canada.


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